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  • Maude T.J. - Founder of MaudeJohnson.com, Louisiana, USA.

    From Self-Conscious to...


    From many months in business with 0 client...

    ...to 5 dream clients, and money in the bank within 30days!


    3 most helpful things according to Maude:

    Clarity, Key Daily Tasks and Mindset Tools!


    «Adriana made it incredibly easy! But be warned, she’s no bullshit!»


    1. Clarity of message - I help X to Y thanks to Z


    2. Simplified daily tasks to complete


    3. Simple mindset training tools to use along with the tasks - simply laid out and easy to follow.


    "I had the pleasure of working with Adriana during the start of my journey as an entrepreneur. She charged on strong to get me in order and focused on simple tasks and mindset work that helped me in my transition. From self-conscious to self-confidence—that’s the change that helped me to obtain 6 clients in a little over 30 days. I’d highly recommend Adriana’s help if you are interested in taking the action necessary to get to your first client goals as fast as possible. She made it incredibly easy! But be warned, she’s no bullshit!"

    Adjamois K. - Initiator of Tek Tek Forever, Ivory Coast.

    From a 10 year-unclear dream...

    ... to the first International Tek Tek World Cup in Abidjan last July!


    3 key benefits according to Adjamois :

    Confidence in my own project, Progression and Joy!


    «Is this your project ? You do want to do it?! Then, let's do it until the end! ».


    1. H is this faithful friend who supports you in your small and big crazy ideas, because she knows that it matters to you (and that you aren't hurting anyone, which is also very important!!!)


    2. The sessions and step by step objectives are planned at the beginning of the program. They suggest some commitment to progress ( soft power quoi !!!).

    RESULTS: More than 10 years in my head, and now, with H, I can actually implement my little idea.


    3. Then, the joy and happiness to work on a project that differs from your day to day life.

    Joy to have a coach with adapted practices : a lot of empathy, senses for listening, and some diplomatic rectifications,..

    Also, the joy to find back a long lost friend...

    Nadia S. - Founder of NS Learning Process, France.

    From an "all over the place social entrepreneur Mum"...

    ...to organizational routines, new clients and 6 dreams come true in 3 months!


    3 key benefits according to Nadia:

    Becoming Action Ready, Honestly Share Thoughts, Summing Up Key Ideas!


    «Adriana made me write all my dreams on a notebook during our first session... 3 months later, 6 of them had turned to come true, without me even realizing that I was doing it!»


    1. Help and motivation to dare and take action:

    Adriana allows us to focus on the essential, by helping us find our true priorities, in the now. For this, she uses tools like the "CDT Minute" when we're overwhelmed, or the "H RETROPLANNING".

    She sets a space and a frame that enables us to step forward in the best conditions.


    2. Co-Creation and Honesty : a sincere relationship between Adriana and I.

    She takes people's reality into account and quickly grasps where the person is, and where they can go.

    The sessions are more about two human beings who share to contribute positively in the is world. With a lot of sincerity and understanding.

    She also shares her intercultural wealth by reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of each type of people.


    3. Synthetic Sum Up of the Key Points :

    She has a great mind for sum ups and that frees you from the duty of taking notes during the sessions. And she {systematically} sends a sum up of the important points and tasks to implement.

    Hokuma K. - Founder of Power Box, USA.

    From a lot of theory...

    ...to a lot of Added Value Actions!


    3 key benefits according to Hokuma :

    Safe Space, Honestly look through ideas and Choice!


    «Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is what helps create progress...»


    1. The conversations with Adriana have provided me with a safe space where I can unload my thoughts without judgement.


    2. This ability created an opportunity to honestly look through the ideas, feelings and perceptions that I've been carrying and holding within.


    3. With all these pieces laid out in front of me, it became easier to look at them from a distance, not taking things so personally and emotionally, and then with a new found clarity to decide which of the items i'd like to continue carrying as I move forward, and which ones to leave behind.


    Thank you for this opportunity, it was extremely valuable and refreshing.

  • Who Am I to Help You!?!

    About Me, Adriana...

    Your Dream Business Confidence Coach...

    A Peace Engineer, "Intersectional Afro-Feminist", and Founder of H...

    Maybe I feel entitled... Am I though?! :p

    From my sad but "socially successful" self...

    ...to my Heartcore Honestly Happy Self...

    From Cameroon, born in France, and raised in Paris’ popular and multicultural suburbs; I've always wanted to scientifically prove that Diversity, under ALL ITS SHAPES, is beauty and strength. That's why I rushed into climbing the social ladder, and became Kaizen Engineer, expatriate in Cameroon by 24, working with the top of International World Class Companies.

    But despite 3 years lived between Europe, Middle-East and Africa; along with my "apparent social success", I Burned-Out and Faced my own Depression!




    That's how I discovered the impact of unconscious casual daily discriminations on us, and decided to exile in Australia, to finally make my Dream Self and my Dream Life come true...

    ... while helping other Atypical Ambitious People like me, to do the same too...

    by continuously co-creating H O N E S T Y Musango, a social business for Peace since 2015...

    And sharing my 3Ms Method for your to build your #DreamBizFromScratch in only 30-60days

    like Davide, Maude and Cheryl...

    The 3Ms Method to Your Own Dream Business!